Washington County has an established dust control policy. Following are questions we hear often related to this policy.

How do I get dust control by my property?

Contact an approved dust control supplier for Washington County. They will provide you with our dust control policy, permit application, and bright orange flags to mark the location to be sprayed. You do not need to contact Washington County.

How much is the permit for dust control?

Permits cost:

Do I have to own the property where I am placing dust control?

You do not have to own the property. But you do need to notify the property owner of the location where dust control is being placed.

Where do I get the bright orange flags to mark my dust control?

The bright orange flags are supplied by your dust control provider. You are responsible for keeping the bright orange flags visible so the road grader does not grade your dust control.

Can I use waste oil as dust control?

No. Waste oil is a pollutant and not permitted by the Iowa DNR or Washington County.

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