Crawford Pond


Through the generosity of the Crawford Family, the area now called Crawford Pond has long been known for its big bass, plentiful bluegills, crappies, red-eared sunfish, and large channel catfish.

 In 1991, the fishing and picnicking privileges to Crawford Pond were leased without charge to the Washington County Conservation Board. Hunting trapping and all other rights remain with the owners.

 The Washington County Conservation Board has added a boat ramp and parking area, as well as fishing structure of various forms. Catfish are stocked on an annual basis.

 As in all areas under the Jurisdiction of the Washington County Conservation Board, all of the laws, rules, and regulations of the State of Iowa which apply to similar areas governed by them apply to Crawford Pond, including, but not limited to the Code of Iowa and the Iowa Administrative Code. The following is a partial and abbreviated listing of these regulations:

    1. Electric motors only

    2. Hours are from 4:30A.M. to 10:30P.M.

    3. Camping is prohibited

    4. Driving outside of the parking area is prohibited

    5. Largemouth bass less than 15 inches in length, as well as all unwanted fish must be immediately

    released unharmed back into the water.


Contact Information

Conservation Education Center
2943 Highway 92
Ainsworth, IA  52201
319- 657-2400


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