1. Chapter 30 - Road Classifications

    The purpose of this chapter is to classify certain roads on the area service system in the County.

  2. Chapter 31 - Uniform Rural Address System

    The purpose of this chapter is to establish the standards and guidelines for the County-wide signing and addressing.

  3. Chapter 35 - Public Utility Installations

    The purpose of this chapter is to insure uniform and reasonable installation of public utility service on and along County public highway right-of-ways that will protect and preserve the highway corridor potential for future expansion, construction and growth and to insure that future improvements in or along the public highway right-of-ways may occur at a reasonable cost to the County taxpayer.

  4. Chapter 36 - Snow & Ice Removal

    The purpose of this chapter is to establish Washington County’s policy and level of service in respect to clearance of snow or ice and maintenance of its secondary road system during the winter months.

  5. Chapter 37 - Rights-of-Way

    The purpose of this chapter is to define Washington County’s policy and procedures for removing obstructions and nuisances from County highways and for work within the highway right-of-way.

  6. Dust Control Policy

    It shall be the policy of Washington County to permit the application of dust control agents for the control of fugitive dust on county gravel roads.

  7. Resolution 11-41 - Tile Crossing (PDF)

    The Tile Crossing Policy lays out the foundation for tile lines crossing public highways.

  8. Resolution 10-22 - Road Policy (PDF)

    The Washington County Secondary Road Department provides varying levels of maintenance to roads under its jurisdiction, depending on the level of service classification for each road.

  9. Resolution 1-18 - Tree Compensation Schedule

    Washington County has developed the tree compensation schedule in an effort to develop a rational basis to compensate for the loss of residential shade trees caused by the construction of roadway projects.

  10. Resolution 14-01 - ATV Ordinance (PDF)

    The ATV Ordinance identifies regulations regarding all-terrain vehicle and off-road utility vehicle operation.

  11. Resolution 14-08 - Fences

    Read the Washington County Fence Ordinance.