Environmental Health

  1. Bonded Contractor Information

    Find the requirements for getting a private wastewater disposal contractor's license from the Washington County Environmental Health Department.

  2. Food Safety for the General Public

    Explore links to resources to help you avoid harmful food products.

  3. Food Safety for Licensed Establishments

    The Environmental Health Department offers programs such as Free Food Safety Talks and Hand Washing Demos to food employees of establishments.

  4. Food Safety for Temporary Establishments

    Get information regarding food safety for temporary establishments and farmers markets.

  5. Outreach & Education

    Discover how the Environmental Health Department encourages education, and the efforts they make to reach out to the public.

  6. Private Onsite Septic Systems

    Review the requirements for private onsite wastewater systems.

  7. Free Water Tests

    Find resources available to complete well work.

  8. Swimming Pool Safety